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Professional Pilot Services - PJM provides accomplished pilots and cabin attendants for owners that are in need of crew. Crew can be provided on a full time, part time, or contract basis. PJM conducts the entire process from pilot recruitment, background checks, and scheduling training.


Maintenance Planning - PJM's maintenance controllers coordinate your scheduled maintenance and are available 24/7 should you have an unscheduled AOG event.


Owner Services - PJM provides its owners with nothing less than world class service. Our owners have a dedicated concierge to assist with hotels, transportation services, restaurant reservations, and most anything else such as sporting event and theatre tickets.


Scheduling and Dispatch - PJM handles scheduling, dispatch, and international handling 24/7.


Acquisition Consulting - PJM is great asset when purchasing an aircraft. We can advise with regards to market value, mission capabilities, operating costs and budgeting. 


Leasing - Owners that have limited use of their aircraft may consider a lease with one of our corporate clients. This is a much better option than charter with low utilization of the plane, fixed revenue, and professional management by PJM. Owners seeking the revenue of a lease but still have need for lift should consider our Ownership Edge program.


JetShare - PJM's co-ownership program matches two or three owners with complementary usage to maximize operational efficiency. The JetShare program differs from traditional fractional programs in that ownership is limited to three owners per plane and each owner knows in advance which days they have the aircraft available.


Jet Financing - PJM provides turn key financing and leasing for corporate and private jet owners around the world. We offer competitive rates and terms. We are a direct lender so our process is fast and efficient. 

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